EPG Data

We supply data, detailed and refined by an editorial team, for the Electronic Programme Guide used in digital TV systems (Electronic Programme Guide).

Z naszego serwisu EPG korzystają wszystkie platformy cyfrowe, operatorzy IPTV oraz liczne sieci kablowe.
Udostępniamy kontent EPG dla Partnerów z segmentów DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-H i IPTV.

We generate data for over 600 Polish and foreign TV channels. On request we introduce new channels to our offer. We always adjust the formats, schedule and number of updates and specifications according to our Customers’ needs and expectations.

Standard format includes the following information: channel’s name/id, airing time and date, title, episode/series number, episode title, genre, production country and year, directors, cast, synopsis of a given length, rating in a 1/10 scale, runtime. We provide technical support in case of difficulties.

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We particularly value high quality of our data. Reliability and professionalism are in the centre of our focus. That is why in the course of over twenty years of work we were able to gain recognition and trust of many Customers.

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TV channels

We currently have over 600 Polish and international TV stations in our offer. This service is available in a traditional form (for publishers) as well as a database (for EPG systems and web portals).
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